Aurora Database

Update AWS RDS database to Aurora

Aurora is MySQL compatible and supports auto-scaling. It’s highly recommended to use Aurora for higher query speed and lower cost.

Follow these steps to upgrade your current My SQL RDS database to Aurora database

  1. RDS -> Instances, select the database you want to upgrade. Then click on Instance Actions -> Take Snapshot, rename your snapshot
  2. You can find your snapshot under Snapshots (note, if you want to use this snapshot for another account, you can just click on this snapshot -> share snapshot -> type in account ID -> log in another account and you can find it under Snapshots -> Filter -> Shared with me)
  3. We have all the information of the old DB (including data and all SQL accounts information) in this snapshot. Next step is to build a Aurora DB and import these information. Click on the snapshot -> Migrate snapshot, set up all the configurations and all jobs are done.


  1. When you create a new RDS Aurora instance, it’s usually a multi-AZ instance, one has replication role as writer and the other as reader. So you don’t need to worry about if one of the instance is down, they always have a back up just like the load balancer. But if you update a Mysql database to Aurora, it’s not multi-AZ at the first time, you can add a replication later.